Save the Date!


Don’t miss Free Comic Book Day on Saturday 4th May at Cosmic Comics.

So, does this mean you’ll get FREE comics…as many as you want?! Not exactly. Cosmic Comics have shared the all important Free Comic Book Day FAQs with us:

Is everything free?
No sadly not, there will be a selection of about 40 titles (there will have loads of each, over 5,000 comics to give away in total)

How do I know what ones are free?
Cosmic Comics will have these on a separate table, they will all have Free Comic Book Day printed on the front on the cover.

Are the comics really free?
Yes, the selected comics are completely free to pick up.

Do I need to purchase anything?
No need to purchase anything but any support would be appreciated. Cosmic Comics have spent a lot of money on this year’s FCBD stock and will have extra staff in on the day to cope with crowds. They will have some special offers available on the day for you to grab some bargains along with the rest of our amazing products as usual.

How many free comics can I take?
You are welcome to pick up a few, (5 max) only one of each comic though. Only take the ones that interest you and leave some for others.

When and where?
Cosmic Comics inside St Nicholas Centre, May the 4th, 9.30am till 5.30pm.

Cosmic Comics expect to have enough comics for the whole day and will have a box to replenish throughout the day, however there are no guarantees of any specific book.

What if I enjoy the comic and want to continue the story or try something new?
Drop Cosmic Comics a message on Facebook or speak to the team in-store about the new books they receive every week. They can also look at setting up a regular order for you.

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