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Regal Tales at PANDORA

Regal Tales at PANDORA

The new season ushers in a fresh mood that looks back to the evocative tales and artistry of a distant past and fuses it with modern craftsmanship and intriguing designs. A maximal mood echoes through finely detailed jewellery that references the Renaissance and a majestic past, while nature inspires stunning pieces that shimmer with fluid movement.

Regal Tales channels the opulence of a golden age with ornate designs and romantic themes. Intricate metalwork adds texture to symbolic pendants and charms, featuring hearts and keys while rings are topped with rich purple cabochon stones or crafted with shimmering pave details on crown or tiara-inspired pieces. The magical mood continues with elaborate scroll details on pendants, regal droplet earrings and beguiling charms. The golden age is echoed throughout the collection with hidden messages, secret compartments and concealed treasures.

For the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness PANDORA goes back to nature with a new collection of elegant and modern classics that capture the symbolism of fields of gold. Grains of wheat inspire covetable pendants and rings in sterling silver or PANDORA Shine, while show-stopping limited edition pieces shimmer as they move, as golden grains are topped with sparkling stones.

Iconic best-sellers are updated in PANDORA Rose and PANDORA Shine. Timeless sparkling strand bracelets now shimmer in both metals while the ever popular open bangle is reinvented in radiant PANDORA Rose. Classic Vintage Allure studs and ring, the exquisite Radiant Teardrop ring as well as the elegant Petite Memories Locket are also reworked in both metals.

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