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Sell your mobile phone with Intellibox on level 3!

Sell your mobile phone with Intellibox on level 3!

Intellibox is a fully automatic self-service kiosk for selling your mobile devices and can be found on the 3rd floor.

What is Intellibox?

All buy back services of mobile phones are online services consisting of 4 cumbersome steps that take 5-10 days. The steps are:

  1. Finding the phone on the providers website – Customer may not know the exact model / IMEI number
  2. Registering personal details – Provide personal info including bank account details
  3. Posting the phone – Print label, pay £5 for special delivery or wait for post pack to arrive and then go to post office
  4. Payment – The amount received may be a lot lower than quoted, and depends on the condition of the phone

This cumbersome customer experience has led to poor uptake resulting in relatively few old devices being recycled / sold.
BBC watchdog recently ran independent investigations which confirm our market research that the current online options for customer to sell their phone are very inefficient.
BBC Watchdog on Three: The recycled phone sham.

Intellibox addresses the need for a simpler solution, by automatically determining the make, model and condition of your device and instantly suggesting a great buy back price. When you accept the price, money is transferred to your bank account within the hour or an instant Amazon Gift Card printed out.

This service is totally automatic taking less than 5 mins… it’s simple – in a single visit, you walk in with a used phone, and leave with cash or a gift card.

Intellibox vastly improves the current mobile phone recycling experience and in doing so serves immensely to protect the environment.

Mobile devices are a big source of electronic waste (e-waste). Intellibox reduces the number of mobile phones ending up in a landfill, recycles metals andplastics from these mobile devices, and resell phones to reduce cosnumpion of / need to produce new phones.

Pop along to the Kiosk on 3rd floor and check the value you would receive for your phone.

They also offer a free phone charging service.

W: www.intelliboxes.com

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